Happy birthday to my first born daughter

10 Many years ago, you were born And I remember my first memory of you clearly You were crying as the doctor handed you to me I think of that moment on the extact minute you were born Happy birthday son. I have tried and failed no less than a dozen times this week to write down how I feel about my daughter, Delaney. I've watched you grow into the amazing woman you are today. Make your relationship more happy and strong. Happy birthday! ♥ Blow your candles out and make a beautiful wish. Happy fourth birthday, my son. 12. I won’t be lazy and just tweet. Letter To My Daughter On Her 29th Birthday. I will say it aloud in your birthday party. Happy Birthday in Heaven Wishes For Daughter Happy Birthday Quotes and Wishes for Niece always dreamt of having a daughter. Happy birthday and best wishes for many more! — With a daughter like you, every day is special and every day is a celebration. Happy Birthday, my Niece! I’m so proud to be your mom! Happy birthday! Artist: Heather Broster Artist Notes: This adorable card for a daughter on her birthday from a loving mother features a black and white cat hugging a red ball of yarn. Send these warm, fun and hearty messages to your son and daughter and watch them grow up into a beautiful human being. In order to make that birthday message a little easier to write, we compiled over 100 different quotes for you to choose from. Aug 14, 2016 Happy birthday to my cute, too smart for her own good, humble, big-hearted, God fearing daughter! You're my first born, grabbed my heart first,  Mar 14, 2017 Click to read a letter I wrote to my daughter on her first birthday You're easy going, oh so very happy, constantly smiling and always looking for After you were born I made one of the toughest decisions of my life and that  Dec 6, 2017 Through it all Cooper I want you to be happy. Your mother and I had the nicest gift on a day like this a few years ago. Our relationship is not about smiles, laughs and high fives. 11. Thank you for being mature enough to help me in going through this life. I love you! Don't be discouraged when you fail at the first try. Your daughter deserves only the best life can offer. I wish you’d never been born. " ♥ Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and the mother of our children. Happy 18th birthday to my #1 first born daughter, SGJ 🎂🎉🎈 This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out 😴 from the anesthesia after surgery. Happy Birthday, Daughter-in-Law. ” There’s no better way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday than with one of our best happy birthday wishes cards! From the moment you found out you were having a daughter until now, your life has been radically changed by your little princess. This was a wonderful post–the photos made me so happy for you all, that you have each other, and have so much to celebrate. Happy birthday my beautiful Brittany. I tuck you into bed every night, When you plant a kiss on my forehead very tight. Happy Birthday. I celebrate getting you as my son/daughter every time you have a birthday. Your first birthday greetings for daughter is an esteemed opportunity to look back at all the This is an excerpt from the full collections of birthday wishes for son and birthday wishes for daughter. May 28, 2018 Finding some smart words to say for your daughter's birthday is important in order to Happy birthday to the kindest and most beautiful daughter the world could ever know. It seems like just yesterday that I brought you home from the hospital. Daughter is precious gifting in the world, and when it is protecting them from the world, we do anything. Some are serious / inspirational poems, some are funny humorous verses or quotes. Through the years we have had our ups and downs and knock out fights like you were in your twenties but we have always been able to work it out. On Friday, the former G. CREATIVE happy birthday quotes for daughter will express what you feel towards your daughter without uttering any word. In the end, what else really matters? Every single day connect with someone by giving them your time, love, and attention. I'll never forget the first day that your Dad went back to work after you were born, and I thought to myself, “Alright, Miss Blake, you and I are Happy 1st birthday, sweetheart. I’m proud of you. We cherish her presence in our everyday life. Happy Birthday and Some Motherly Advice. How much you weighed the time of day. My baby. It was the day you were born & we couldn’t be happier. Shop How Being a Parent is Like Being a Rock Star NOTE created by LetMeStartBySaying. With each baby I am shown that a mother’s heart is bigger than anything else on this planet. Happy birthday to my darling daughter. Happy Birthday to the young girl that needs more time to get ready to be a wise wife. Happy birthday to the best mother in the world … today is your birthday. Have a happy birthday, my daughter. Happy birthday my love. Having an awesome niece like you makes me wanna fly. This year it is going on 11 pm on a school night and I can’t wait up any longer for that little boy to go to bed. Brother, Popular Sister Card says: Happy birthday, brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FIRST BORN Friday, July 31, 2009 my Confidant, the Mother of My Grandchildren, but mostly my Daughter, with poetry being my first love Dear Zara Happy birthday my dear baby girl! You are 2 years old today. (from parents) Even though I want you to, you may or may not have a happy birthday. Happy birthday daughter. Today, to acknowledge her, we would plan a grand family get-together with near and dear and would gift her a splendid moped. May He equip you with grace to fulfil your destiny in Jesus' name. And somehow, you’ve made motherhood feel brand new all over again. Happy Birthday! (Sincere Birthday Message for son or daughter) Happy birthday to the best son/daughter that any parent could ask to have! (Simple son or daughter birthday message) We are wishing you a great birthday and hoping you continue to mature and grow in your From the day you were born, I knew my life would never be the same! You have filled my heart with love and I hope you find your happy place in this world! Happy birthday, my daughter! [divider] You are my forever princess, my forever baby girl, and my forever first love! Happy birthday, my daughter, I wish life gives you everything you’ve Happy Birthday wishes for son or daughter. It's my way of telling her that I know the troubles that are ahead, but I will be there to guide her every step. Happy birthday, my loving father. The actor and father of three, 47, wished his first-born, Simone Alexandra Johnson, a happy 18th with an emotional note about his everlasting love for her. Love you to the moon and back again. A LETTER TO MY FIRST BORN DAUGHTER A Boy's World An Adoption Story Archives Happy Mama Happy Me. Welcome to our site 123greetingsquotes. Happy Birthday wishes for daughter! Happy birthday my gorgeous daughter! You truly are the best. I still remember holding her for the first time and how her first breath took mine away. Happy Birthday to Mother and Daughter. Happy birthday baby girl and I wish you to always be happy. Happy birthday to my first born! I love you always. Happy HELLO MY KINGS AND QUEENS!!!! I DON’T OWN COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO !!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!! IT’S MY FIRST BORN BIRTHDAY, SHE WAS BORN AUGUST 31ST OF 2017!!! SHE MADE ME A MOMMY TWO YEARS AGO ♥May your first year be the first of many more filled with just as much love and family. Nov 16, 2014 In my mind, today's post seems to carry so much more weight than most of my other posts because I know that someday my daughter will read it  Find birthday poems for your daughter and make your daughter's birthday special . I treasure you. You have been such blessing to so many in this Happy 18th Birthday. 16 Happy Birthday Grand-daughter, My birthday wish for you, Is that your day is filled with the very best in you. For My Beautiful Daughter, Happy Birthday. I (The following is an open letter to my eldest daughter today on her 18th birthday. I'm so grateful that I have you as a daughter. Happy birthday, my son! You made me the mother  Jan 7, 2015 Chandler turns 18 today. 14) of mother and daughter posing in a loving embrace. Free list of phrases for a 15 years old birthday: – “Beautiful Daughter, Today I am very proud of you, because I see in you a very beautiful lady, with good feelings, with a noble heart, and today that you turn 15 I’ll be very happy to know that this will be a memorable day for you, happy fifteen birthday little girl of my heart” When the granddaughter’s birthday is just around the corner, it is the right time to prepare some lovely happy birthday wishes or messages for her. I regret not being there this time. By Allison Martin. Happy 1st birthday! At your age, life is full of so many opportunities…to throw food at grown-ups. Age is but a number, and wrinkles are the gentle reminders of a life well lived. I can't even believe I'm saying that. It was a great moment in my life. You have given me the strength when I had none. Happy Birthday, my sweetheart! Daughters are precious, kind little girls. Sep 17, 2019 My first born baby,I'm not quite sure how time has passed so quickly. Put family first. 11) My dear child, as you grow up, may you lose all your fears and inhibitions but never the innocence in your soul. Happy Birthday my girl! You’ve never been anything but wonderful. Daddy says you looked like a lizard, but I knew you were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. READ ALSO: Akothee and her 19-year-old daughter resemble each other so much they look like twins Demi Moore is celebrating her "magnificent" daughter, Rumer Willis. I will celebrate you until the stars burn out. driving home from therapy appointments, crying, exhausted and wondering what was happening to my child. Having a Happy Birthday, Daughter · By Alora M. They awake birthday morning to a “Happy Birthday” and occasionally a crepe paper filled room. Happy birthday! There is no greater gift I could receive, than you as my daughter. With my first Happy Birthday to My First Born: A First Birthday Love Letter In my mind, today’s post seems to carry so much more weight than most of my other posts because I know that someday my daughter will read it. Words are not sufficient to express how glad I am to be blessed with a daughter like you. 15 Thank you my lovely and caring granddaughter for being my strength many times when I have been weak, for bring smiles to my face everytime. Dec 7, 2017 happy birthday! The day you were born is one of the most memorable in my life . We wish you much happiness in this day and forever. Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad. Love, Mom #24 To my beautiful daughter on her very first birthday: I ‘ll never forget the first day that your Dad went back to work after you were born, and I thought to myself, “Alright, Miss Blake, you and I are in this together. “The biggest fight in my relationship with Danny regards his absurd claim that he invited the popular middle school phenomenon of saying "cha-cha-cha" after each phrase of the Happy Birthday song- an idea his ingenious sixth-grade brain allegedly spawned in a New Jersey Chuck E. Here I go. They placed you in my arms and I felt more love that I even knew w as possible. A Letter to Our Second Born, On Her First Birthday. I would like to wish my only daughter a very happy first birthday. Happy Birthday, my daughter. Start your search for the perfect birthday verse right now. Happy 16th birthday. Birthday Wishes For Daughter Birthday. Only thing is, we others get to eat. Facebook The first time you kicked, is a moment I will cherish forever, I just couldn't wait  May 14, 2018 An Open Letter to My First Born Being the child of a young parent can really take a toll on a kid. I thought I knew what love was all about until the day I first met you. The fast is all on you. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is! Morgan Fuller. Happy birthday!! Load more messages. Happy 21st Birthday Wishes to My Daughter!!! When you were born our family is complete, and now that you have turned 21 years we are overwhelmed. You can celebrate happy birthday daughter to make the occasion all the more memorable. You are a great daughter. Happy Birthday, boo. My oldest daughter will celebrate her birthday on Saturday #Firstborn #Birthday Happy birthday to my First born I love you so very much. Kelly My first-born, older daughter was, and always will be, my very best birthday present. You have the biggest heart and are one of the funniest people I know. Moore wished a happy 31st birthday to her "sweet first born. Happy Birthday my dear daughter, I hope that when you turn out the candles can make a wish that will come true. 20th birthday marks one of the important milestones of your life, the end of your teenage and the start of a new decade, your 20s. And now I am likely to lose myself in a fit of nostalgia and a large bottle of wine. Mom called to wish me a happy one. Cheese and watched spread across 1993 America with an unprecedented rapidity. I’m very thankful for such an amazing daughter like you. I would not have hoped for a different daughter for my friend; you process all the outstanding qualities of a good daughter. Dear First Born, Dear Middle Born, To my Baby, Submitted By: Ellen Ann Dear First Born I've always loved you best because you were our first miracle. You’re my love, now, and forever after. Just me and you alone in the room, kid. ” “My world would be so dull and boring without you in it. I. I have a birthday tradition I started years ago. Make grandma proud everyday. Time flies when you are having fun. To save you time in having to come up with your own birthday wishes, why don’t you check out these 50 best happy birthday wishes for daughter so you will have a guide on what to write for your daughter. To my beautiful daughter who takes after me so much, a very happy 9th birthday! Let me just share with you that when I was your age, I can clean the entire house without complaints, and I can eat my vegetables without acting so surly at the dinner table. There are hearts floating above his head. . Yuri Gagarin went into space right around my 10th birthday. Happy Today is your birthday. Today is my daughter Alexa's 17th birthday! She was the first born and was born 17 years ago at 6:50 pm in Maryland. Although there were the teenage tangles, I have had a wonderful relationship with my daughter. Happy Birthday to you. Here are some happy birthday messages to brighten their day. Your dad loves you and wishes you a very happy birthday. Besides, with such a huge choice of daughter birthday message styles to choose from on this page, it's almost impossible to go wrong here. Having you as a child made me realize how beautiful life is. Happy Birthday, Dear Daughter. be my baby. I can’t believe its already been a year, I mean, we just brought her home! Now she is ONE, how could one number feel so huge?! I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get my daughter on her first birthday. Today, at 10:56 a. Happy 17th Birthday! 9 - Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter! I look so forward to all the good things you will do in the future! 10 - From watching you play with toy ponies to seeing you land your first job, I’ve watched you grow but it is still hard to believe you are 17. Pick the best wish for Happy birthday son! ♤ Since I first laid my eyes on you, every year after has been a blessing. To my best friend, my mentor, my father: Happy Birthday! Special birthday wishes to the man who has all the answers. Happy Birthday Sweet Samia 21: Daughter, today I am celebrating the best gift I ever received. Best of all Happy Birthday Blessings to My Daughter. Message Guy Tip #65: How to choose daughter birthday wishes Happy Birthday sweet girl. I hope y’all enjoy! And happy birthday Mallory Christine! with all my heart! Happy Hello Readers. My baby girl, since you were a toddler, you have brought so much happiness and joy to my heart that I cannot explain. Call your mother. Don't let  Do you get misty-eyed on your first born's birthday? Me too, that's why her birthday is my special day too. Happy birthday! Happy First Birthday! Love from your Godparents, To a wonderful daughter and beautiful girl, Happy Birthday! on the day you were born! To My Husband, On His First Birthday As a Father March 3, 2014 By Emily Articles , Journal First-time parenthood is a rush — a flood of emotions, mistakes, tears and laughter. Happy first  Happy birthday to the best son/daughter that any parent could ask to have! ( Simple I/we got the best present we could ever have the day you were born. Happy birthday! *** My beautiful granddaughter, thanks for your pure love, cute face and lovely smile. The day that your kids were born is a unique, memorable day. Happy Birthday, my cute adopted daughter! My whole world has changed after your adoption; it opens the new directions of my life. Also, Dad can do one thing is inspiring their daughter in their birthday with our collection. It is a great blessing to have Mom and Daughter share today as their birthday. Nameless, Wahu shower first born daughter with lovely messages as she turns 13. Happy Birthday Wishes for My First Born Daughter!!! Birth of our little angel has blessed our lives in many ways. Congratulations, my baby! 2. Why don’t you try it, sweetie? I love you! Happy 9th birthday! Image via Wikipedia. Happy Birthday to sweet daughter! My all dreams come true when god blessed us with you as our daughter! Having you as daughter is truly a dream come true! Happy Birthday cutie! My love for you, my love for cake is same as my love for you Birthday Party. 57. It should have been changed around. To me, you are beautiful. I hope you enjoy every moment of it, my sweet princess. Happy 18th birthday for son and daughter is a special event for every parent. “Happy Birthday to my beautiful first born!” he captioned the same photo from this year. Happy birthday sweetie. She was a great babyalways happy, playful and super smart. I wish you joy, happiness and most of all love as you carry on with the journey of life. Your smile always brightens my day. She was my strength through my divorce, and I was there for her when her marriage dissolved. Happy Birthday! Oh how I can relate. Dec 21, 2018 Born with confidence, I hope to continue to nurture the perfect balance of I would like to wish my only daughter a very happy first birthday. Happy Birthday my Today is my daughter Jessica's birthday. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Happy Birthday Daughter animated GIFs to your conversations. Birthday Wishes for Beloved Caring Husband Happy Birthday Quotes for First Born Daughter from Mom Dad and Parents. If you were anything, it would be your parent’s greatest love as their daughter. Happy Birthday to my first born angel girl, I am so proud  Oct 15, 2018 Inspirational Happy Birthday Quote For Daughter Having you as my daughter not only grants me this desire, it makes me confident that  Apr 30, 2017 As we celebrate our first born's seventh birthday, I experience the curious juxtaposition of time passing in motherhood. ” Mom hugged me and for the first time in my life These first birthday wishes and poems can be used as inspiration for writing a message on a first birthday card. But you need Happy Birthday to my second born daughter I love u “Boo”. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. I will show you how much I love you. Happy birthday wishes for my daughter! Happy 21st Birthday Inspirational Wishes for My Daughter. May you have a blessed and very Happy Birthday, daughter. Cock-a-doodle-PHEW. Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter! No matter how old you are, to me you will always be my little girl. Happy birthday, sweetie. 31. Happy Birthday! Your life is no longer in my hands, it's now in yours. Happy Birthday, My We've put together a huge list of great birthday wishes for daughters. The warmest birthday wishes to my sweetest granddaughter! Do your best, my girl, because you’ll always have my back and support. I'm very proud to call you my daughter. Try it. Happy birthday honey! Mama loves you. Make feel her extra special. I wish that God sends you His choicest blessings and showers your life with happiness on your birthday. She didn't cry for the first 2 weeksshe just mewled like a kitty. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson posted the best birthday tribute for his oldest daughter on Wednesday. “Happy birthday to someone who is forever young!” “It’s birthday time again, and wow! You’re a whole year older now! So clown around and have some fun to make this birthday your best one. We also add a bundle of cute birthday images and happy birthday poems for your daughter special day. You are like my second daughter, dear niece. Can’t believe you’re another year older. Religious Birthday Prayers for Daughter 1. She is an amazing mommy as I knew she would be and Paul is a wonderful Daddy. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter, who was lucky to grow up with such a loving and adventurous mom. I have not been feeling well at all, especially the last few days, so I failed to get this posted on time - Saturday, August 22nd. 13) To my dearest daughter… I won’t express my love for you in 160 characters. Happy 13th birthday to my little mini me! You have a heart of gold and a smile worth a million bucks. May this birthday make you as happy as I was when I first saw you, my beautiful daughter. Happy birthday!” “Just wanted to be the first one to wish you happy birthday so I can feel superior to your other well-wishers. I was just a year older than you are now and I had no idea how to be a Mom, but I knew I loved you more than anything in this world, I still do, and always will. Happy birthday, my little sweetie! Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! I remember the day you were born when the doctor handed me this little doll with the big beautiful eyes. That is certainly what you've made mine. You can explore a big collection of 18th birthday wishes for daughter. [divider] Happy Birthday Wishes, Messages, and Quotes for Daughter . I am so proud of my little girl. You may be just a daughter now but in time, you will grow up to be a queen of your own. There's no better gift. " Happy Birthday dear daughter. But on your birthday, let’s take a little more time to celebrate a daughter as wonderful as you are! May this be your best birthday so far! — Happy Birthday my darling daughter. If you are looking for something real and out of the ordinary for your little girl, then you should know that the cliche and outdated birthday cards in your local stores will not work. From the time that you were born I knew that you would be A Daughter so sweet and loving My daughter, my best friend. I remember the day you ate your first raspberry. On your first birthday and every birthday, We promise to make all of your dreams a reality and to make every wish of yours come true. If you are short of time, here you may find the freshest ideas and greetings, including short happy birthday poems and the best birthday cards and images. For dads who don’t know how to wishes your daughters happy birthday, here are some samples of birthday wishes for daughter that you may use. My dear daughter, I am lucky to have daughter Celebrate and wish someone a Happy Birthday with this beautiful collection of Happy Birthday religious messages. You’re our second. Today, after 18 years, my star shines with its own light, and I am proud of her, my heart fills with joy, I love you. Most dads aren’t good with words. My sweet daughter, it’s so hard to believe that you turn 16 today. WhatsApp. Brittany My life was forever changed the day this sweet little girl was born. May your day be filled with love. First, you should buy a special birthday gift for your daughter. More than being my daughter, you have been a best friend whom I can lean on. Share the best GIFs now >>> Today is a very special day, because it is the day when I first saw my angel. I hope you have an exciting, flamboyant, splendid, joyous, bright and magnificent birthday. WE are super proud of you my baby ️. Feel good! Happy Birthday! #5: On the exact day you were being born, the person that did most of the work was mum. You have blessed the hearts of so many during your short time with us, we know you’ll touch so many more to come. Then we fostered 2 boys we are now adopting. I want to wish my sweet, loving, caring, silly and unique daughter a big Happy 13th Birthday! My first born daughter is now a teenager! I love this girl more than life itself, she's beautiful intelligent amazing sweet I could go on and on and on there aren't enough words to describe her greatness. like it was yesterday. Ever since you were a little baby to the day you became a teenage girly, you have always been the love of your mommy and daddy. After our last call from  May 9, 2018 Happy Birthday to my sweet Daughter. Happy Birthday my beloved daughter! Your birthday is always great because it's a celebration of someone great! Happy birthday to the greatest daughter in the world! Happy Birthday to my baby boy . If you share the view that great birthday greetings matter can make your daughter's special day even more special, you'll quickly come to the conclusion that the birthday messages for daughters on this page are, by definition, as great as they come. Except with the actual facts of HER life. ♥ My dear wife, may your birthday be as happy as you have made me. My First Grandchild, daughter of our First Born. My daughter, always know that no matter what is going on, that I am your mom and that I will always be here for you. Happy birthday to the loveliest person in my life! We might have had our ups and downs, but you will always be the person I love the most. Years ago on this day, I saw your sweet face for the first time and I was in love! Happy birthday, my boy! 4. She was born on my Happy Birthday, Eleanor! Happy  Parent's I celebrate getting you as my son/daughter every time you have a birthday. That was a year after the congressional safety hearings on the hep-B vaccine which found that it was very dangerous and should not contain mercury. 49. Don’t think that life is a garden, it is, in fact, a lot of thorns and you have to sleep on it with all your patience and gratefulness. Even if they are all grown up, you cannot help but remember the days when they were little and they needed you all the time. My sweet baby, the day you were born, you made us parents for the first time. New cute clothes + hair accessories + shoes, those things would only be for me, she’d rather be naked! So, I stayed up late writing her a heartfelt, teary-eyed mommy to daughter letter (the first of a lifetime of birthday letters I supposed). Braille Happy Birthday, Family Member Cards. Or with a silly post on some wall. Happy birthday to you my daughter! Today is an extraordinary day, the day when you take one more step to be the most amazing girl in this entire world. Demi Moore celebrated her daughter's birthday in style this weekend with a throwback photo on Instagram. To my beautiful daughter on your first birthday, Happy birthday my love. Happy 35th Birthday to my daughter! Happy birthday! The years seem to have flown by. Jane star posted an adorable baby photo of her eldest daughter in the driver's seat of a convertible A short letter to my daughter on her 17th birthday. I still remember the day you were born as if it was yesterday. To My Firstborn On His 18th Birthday Happy Birthday son. I dreamed of the woman you would become, and you have far exceeded my expectations. Just one year ago God reached down and blessed us with a beautiful daughter. Happy birthday my son, I love you! No matter how old you grow, never forget that you will forever remain my baby boy. Nov 5, 2014 Each Luckiest of Lucky Days: Sharing My Birthday with My Daughter. Let us help you craft the perfect birthday wishes for your daughter now! Wendy wanted to write cards when she grew up and “make people happy every day. Thanks for coming to this world! Happy birthday daughter from mom. 1 happy birthday to my firstborn son:1. Daughters are a huge source of joy and happiness, making our life much more beautiful. Today, I celebrate and rejoice in the wonderful person you have become. I wrote this poem for my first born, she was the first reason I had to keep on going. The actress celebrated her daughter turning 31 on Saturday with a couple “We are celebrating Melody Love being born all month long. But next year, I promise I will be the first one to wish you happy birthday! Happy birthday daughter, Hope your birthday proves to be, The very best of birthdays, That you will ever see, May joy and happiness surround you, As friends and family stop by to say, May your life be richly blessed, On this your special day. She was a beautiful baby girl with blonde hair and baby blues. I love you very much. May she have many, many more happy, love-infused birthdays!! A Love Letter for my Daughter on her 7th Birthday Seven years ago today, I was blessed with the biggest blessing of my life, my daughter, Maia. Nine years ago today, I left my title as just somebody and became a mom…to you. Happy 1st birthday. ) Happy birthday! Daughter Birthday Verses (Daughter in Law) Happy Birthday printable card poem page which brings you the best short verses poems quotes, messages, sayings, rhymes, odes, poetry and greetings for cards and to daughters, including daughters in law. My daughter, Marsha, was born on Friday the 13th and my son on Mother's day. Oct 26, 2014 Happy Birthday wishes for son or daughter. AUNT became the coolest word in my life after you were born. Happy Birthday Daughter From Mom Messages And Wishes. You’ve made mine as happy as it could possibly be! Happy Birthday, Daughter! 🙂 Happy birthday (son/daughter's name). 5 years […] Simple things. May you have the happiest of birthdays. You are the first person that has ever made me feel so giddy, I love you, happy birthday, son! You are always going to be the apple of my eye, no matter what you do, best birthday to you! Happy Birthday my Daughter. I love you more than I can say. One thing I know is that you will have the peace and the joy of your salvation. 100 Happy Birthday Wishes For Friends and Family. 16. You are the first fruit of my womb, may the Lord bless you with everything good in life. I’m so glad we got to have such a fab birthday with you again this year I wish you a very Happy Birthday, my lovely daughter. The first time you said “daddy”, the first time you stood on your little feet and the first  May 7, 2019 It was the day after my 30th birthday. ” Princess Love also took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. Eighteen years ago a wonderful star was born, my Star. Happy birthday. May all your dreams come true and may happiness be your portion. Heart Touching 107 Happy Birthday MOM Quotes from Daughter & Son – To My Mother is written for every daughter and son who knows the value of true love of a mother. Happy birthday to a very special 10-year-old! 34 - There weren't any astronauts until I was about 10. And oh, how I could feel the ferocity of your love for your daughter in this love-infused birthday greeting. “One year ago tonight, our little King was born,” the actor captioned his adorable  Oct 5, 2018 adulthood. Wishing you a happy birthday my dear sweet son. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. My firstborn child. You do not possess the similarity of my eyes, my smile, my flesh, and my genes but you have a special place in my heart where you will live forever. Wish you a very happy birthday, my cute daughter. 101 Blessed Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Mom & Dad (Parents) Happy B'Day Greetings Short One-Line Messages E cards Images Pictures with love care for my darling and your little angel The day I met you was the second best day of my life (the first was the day I married your daddy). "This pic of me holding your hand in the Kim Kardashian Says 'I Can't Believe My First Born Baby Is 6' in Smiley Mother-Daughter Selfie Kardashian West posted a sweet tribute in honor of her daughter’s special day. Happy 18th birthday to my #1 first born daughter, SGJ 🎂 🎉 🎈 This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out 😴 from the anesthesia after surgery. Many years ago, a unique being was born, she has been a source of happiness to many, a source of joy to me, happy birthday love, and mum cares. Celebrating her birthday with family and friends makes her feel extra special. You make me the envy of all mothers. happy birthday to ''Happy Birthday my queen, see yourself now. She was born 28 years ago, my oldest, and it is so hard to believe I have a child that old. Let’s face it. But, here’s the thing. Happy Birthday Poem Once a year I get the chance To wish you birthday cheer. Find the perfect happy birthday message for a daughter: Wishing the sweetest girl the sweetest birthday. Happy birthday to the world’s most amazing daughter. Happy 1st birthday to my absolutely enchanting baby girl! You have given Mama the best year of her life. Here are happy birthday wishes for daughter from dad, choose the best wishes and share with your girl. My son. ” I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea what being a mother truly meant. Forever you will hold my heart, and forever you will be my life's biggest blessing. Happy birthday to my favorite niece. I will do everything to make your birthday wishes come true. It works. Kids Birthday Wishes; Daughter, Happy Birthday. When your baby was born prematurely, birthdays can evoke emotional and complex feelings. Happy belated birthday my dear friend! I hope you had a really good time on your birthday. Load more messages. We have shared a special bond and have grown together. " This Happy Birthday poem is a birthday card verse that could apply to most people. Whenever you need us we will be there for you. I don’t know, 5-year-old’s seem old when you’re having your very first baby. You are my princess, my light, my source of happiness. Happy birthday messages from parents, dad or mom to make a sweet wish on Right from the day you were born, you kept stopped sprinkling joy on our lives. Letter to My Daughter on Her 1st Birthday. My comb’s turning red and my wattle is, too. Happy first birthday. “With your unlimited cuteness, you have the power to make anyone do whatever you want. Who is more special than our sons and daughters? And what day could be more important than their birthday? Thinking back to the day they were born, when they first entered the world helpless and I want to wish my sweet, loving, caring, silly and unique daughter a big Happy Birthday! My first born daughter is now a teenager! I love this girl more than life itself, she’s beautiful intelligent amazing sweet I could go on and on and on there aren’t enough words to describe her greatness. Every now and then, we all need to send happy birthday message to our daughter Happy 1st birthday wishes from guests; Funny first birthday wishes; Birthdays are special occasions that call for a celebration, and first birthdays are all the more special to parents. We've put together a huge list of great birthday wishes for daughters. I hang a sign and balloon on each child’s door the night before their birthday. ” “Today is a very special day, and not just because it is your birthday, but because it is the day when I first saw my angel. Where I plan to have a ball. 3. 22: Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! I remember the day you were born when the doctor handed me this little doll with the big beautiful eyes. When my daughter was born on May 5, 2000, I knew and told the future pediatrician a month before she was born that I did not want her to get the hep-B vaccine as I had read it often caused autism. The best collection of happy birthday messages that you can use to write to your daughter. Inspirational Birthday Wishes For Daughter From Dad. Make your daughter feel special as well by sending her birthday wishes either through the mail, email, greeting cards, letters, etc. It was a stupid message from a hard father. 56. I’ve seen you born, have taken your first steps together & I’ve seen you grow up to become a woman. A collection of Birthday Wishes for a daughter. “Happy A Letter To My Daughter: 8th Year My Dearest T, This morning you returned to school after a long winter break excitedly saying, “Mommy, this is my first day of school as a eight year old!” While I am sure you are thinking, "One more year until 30! Oh my!" I'm thinking, "Where did 29 years go?" It seems like yesterday the nurses placed you in my arms and I fell in love with you. Happy Birthday, daughter! Birthdays are special days, and today is your day, my angel. With so many The day you were born was the greatest moment of my life. A daughter like you is a true blessing, a gift, a wonderful addition for a happy life. But knowing what to wish on her birthday can sometimes be very difficult. Always remember that you are an amazing person! Happy 17th Birthday! Happy birthday to my beautiful It's just a whole different thing, and it's just that my life has been a blessing, and I thank god every day for the gifts that he has given me and for my daughter and to be able to watch her grow and be a part of her joys and her excitement and what she wants to do in life. You’re my paradise. BirthdayFrenzy brings you different kinds of 'Happy 20th Birthday' wishes and quotes. My darling love, this is only the beginning and our best years are ahead of us… keep shining, keep smiling and ALWAYS remember that you are MY MAGIC. That day you became my daughter and I became your mommy. My pretty, intelligent and brave daughter is growing into a strong woman. Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes From A Mother 2019. I knew from the day your were born that something was different. My baby, my little girl, my daughter, I love you. Happy Birthday Daddy. Have a wonderful life. all the wonderful times And the joy she’s brought to us Happy Birthday Daughter We love you First Birthday Happy Birthday to my Daughter. You are my first born, my little princess. She is the father's copy, quiet,composed and the most disciplined girl. By. Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. I am so proud of you sweetie. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience motherhood. No one in this world deserves as much happiness as you do. You make me happy and proud of the things we built together. And if she was home, I would hug my daughter and tell her I love her and bake a birthday treat. And when you came out, first thing you did was to cry and eat. Mommy is so proud of you for all your accomplishments and for who you are as a now grown woman. Happy birthday to my loving daughter. You immediately changed my world when you were born. Send your child a special happy 18th birthday message. I am very proud to say she has worked very hard and diligently these past three years as a single mom to a now 5 year old, a full-time college student and working part-time for the college she was attending. Wishing a happy birthday to a sweet and beautiful girl who just turned 3. “Letter to my first born child as she turns 18 Dear daughter, I am so happy you turned 18 today, my joy can’t be quantify, I am elated and full of gratitude 🤗🤗🤗 oh Chiamaka my beautiful, gently, loving, smart, blessed, lovable, easy going, lover of Leave it to my daughter Amber, my eldest, to have such grand plans for her not-quite-a-quarter-of-a-century birthday. Let me know if my prayers are answered. There is no other better way to wish her nicely except these birthday wishes for daughter from father. Your baby may not remember the celebrations, but they can surely read all the wishes you have written for them after they grow up. After I had my first son I never thought I could love another child the way I loved him. Watching my cute nephew growing is the most amazing thing of my life. I wanted to greet you a happy birthday on Facebook and share stories about your Send this picture in E-mail. Happy birthday to my cute daughter! You are the best. Ecstasy, elation, bliss and rapture are just some of the words that describe how I felt when you were born. You are the most beautiful gift anyone has ever been gifted with. 1. We are your parents and we love you with all our hearts. The fact I was six months pregnant with my first (and only) child. You are one-in-a-million and deserve the best birthday ever. I will never forget the moment you were in m arms for the first time. Be good, be proud, and be wise. So quickly in fact, that I am now preparing to give birth to my third childwhen I feel like I food for someone, the first time I planned a first birthday party. Happy Birthday! Amazing Happy _cf6012bb_ Greetings Example of Daughter-in-law birthday messages, wishes, sayings to write in greeting cards: Our family is even better because of you. I can barely wait to see him face to face one day soon. You were the genesis of a marriage and the fulfillment of young love. ” “In this temporary world, thank you for being my constant love. It was the day after my 30th birthday. She is regarded to Happy Birthday to my sweet angel. m. Daughters are always treated as the most important asset to a family. The thing is, my darling, that as our first born, you get both the best and the worst of us as your parents. ” “I would take a hundred arrows to protect you. 31 years ago, at 1:54 pm, our beautiful first born son greeted us with more love in his heart than we could ever imagine. We love you! Demi Moore is sharing the cutest throwback photos of her "sweet first born" daughter Rumer Willis in honor of her birthday. The precious gift you give your son or daughter will fade sooner rather than later. second child as much as the first…until the second is born and then they know. Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Daughter Quotes Happy birthday to the greatest girl in the world! you were born to be a star! Happy birthday! and my forever Happy Birthday To My Beautiful Daughter Quotes Happy birthday to the greatest girl in the world! you were born to be a star! Happy birthday! and my forever Happy Birthday to my friend’s daughter, your birthday is an indication of an awaited flood of blessing, Keep prospering to your success level is at infinity. But you’ve given us so many firsts. Take a look and pick out a favorite. Love you to the moon and back and I hope you enjoy your day! Happy birthday, my sweet daughter! Words in any language can't describe how grateful I am for having you. I am still amazed at my Mother's talent and how I didn't seem to inherit her amazing gift! She has been Now cell phones and first cars As a child, the baby girl gets all love and care and is the apple of every family members' eye. Smiling tells your brain that you feel happy. Happy HELLO MY KINGS AND QUEENS!!!! I DON’T OWN COPYRIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO !!!! THANKS FOR WATCHING!! IT’S MY FIRST BORN BIRTHDAY, SHE WAS BORN AUGUST 31ST OF 2017!!! SHE MADE ME A MOMMY TWO YEARS AGO May this birthday make you as happy as I was when I first saw you, my beautiful daughter. With so many birthday wishes you'll be able to find the perfect way to say happy birthday daughter! Birthday Wishes for your Daughter’s 16th Birthday. Happy Birthday my love. She is beautifully uncomplicated; so simple (her favorite toys are rocks, mulch, spatulas, TV remotes…) and totally happy. Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh Today 9 yrs ago I was blessed with my first child. 20. 32 - This is your first two digit birthday. 23 years since I held her in my arms for the firs Happy birthday . So, parents tend to show a bit more possession towards her despite knowing that she has to leave them some day sooner or later. Birthday greetings to my little happy birthday quotes for grandma in heaven image quotes, happy birthday quotes for grandma in heaven quotations, happy birthday quotes for grandma in heaven quotes and saying, inspiring quote pictures, quote pictures Until you experience a loss of a parent, you will never ever understand how your life is changed forever, never to be the same. ” Happy Birthday! May the love with which you’ve given birth rebound back to you in the year ahead. I love you my stove baby,'' Akothee wrote. Daughters have a special place in your heart because they will always be little princesses in your eyes. Your third birthday is going to be full of friends, happiness, gifts and cake. 11 On this day, you entered my life my precious son You have grown so much over the years Dear daughter, Congratulations on your birthday, is the first note I send you and I wish you could be right for you. Happy Birthday To My Firstborn. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter. Please help me wish my miracle baby a happy birthday. One of the happiest days of my life was the day that I got to meet you for the first time. I won’t share my love for you with a like. A quick note to my birthday girl: My Sweet Girl, When you were born, I was so taken by your dark hair and those chocolate eyes, I couldn’t bear to look away. I promise that I’ll always remember all the things you did for me. my daughter, my first born, and a loving, caring, creative, and gracious young lady. Darling, it is your birthday tomorrow, And if need be, I can even take you to Mount Kilimanjaro Happy Birthday My Angel! You are my favorite cookie and I love to eat you. Birthday wishes are always happy, but some people really want their poems to contain the words "Happy Birthday. friends and family, help me with my baby girl Tumi a happy birthday,'' he wrote. You’ve put a smile on my face so many times, I hope I can give you one in return on your big day. Happy Birthday to My Angelic Daughter We played so many little games, I tried to give in to all your beautiful claims. 3 rd Birthday Wishes for your Baby Daughter. My first born grandson is an adorable and happy child, I love getting little videos and pictures of him. Finding the perfect way to wish someone happy birthday can be difficult, especially for acquaintances and colleagues. A one-year-old may not be able to read the birthday wish yet but your tender words will mean a lot when he or she grows up, and the parents will really appreciate it. Celebrate Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Ringing bells in my mind And giving me strength To seek a unique dream In the journey of life You are my first born And love of my life For when you were born That is when I learnt How it feels to be a mother And be on top of the world. Jan 25, 2019 I remember the day you were born when the doctor handed me this little . It showed a toddler-aged Rumer Willis perched on the driver's seat of a sports car, holding the wheel and smiling. This is what I finally have to say…. 58. May your day be filled with happiness and love. Love you. 12) Have all the fun you can have on your first birthday. to be exact, she turns another year older. 2 years ago today at 10pm you came screaming into this world and changed my life forever. Happy Birthday nephew. On one hand, there is the joy of having your child alive and with you now. I know it’s a bit late but a good friend always understands. I can not begin to believe that it has been 23 years since I gave birth to my first born child, my first daughter. Much love and blessings coming your way! 59. In this birthday wish for my second-born daughter, I hope to fill her head and her heart with the truths about who she is and how much she is loved. You are a power pack of energy, who is always filled with brightness. I knew those preliminary plans would change, and they did. I always thought I would feel like a real mom when my first born turned 5 years old. Happy Birthday Daughter, Great daughter birthday wishes are great at expressing how you feel and how much you care about your very own princess. Madonna celebrated the 22nd birthday of her oldest child with a sweet Instagram post Saturday (Oct. Happy Birthday to my Firstborn Daughter ! I remember the first hours after your birth and how I tried to soak it all in. Pick the best wish for you and add your own words to make it personal. Our spirit will always follow every step of yours. “Happy birthday, daughter. It is unedited and stands as is…a testament of a mother’s love for her child. Every parent who has more than one child wonders how they could possibly love a second child as much as the first until the second is born and then The excited mother also promised to still be fully active in her daughter’s life. My oldest daughter will celebrate her birthday on Saturday #Firstborn #Birthday. Jun 15, 2016 Are you looking for the best birthday wishes for your daughter? From the day you first came home from the hospital, you ruled our house like a Happy birthday to my beloved daughter who deserves only the very best on her special day. We are seriously thinking that you were born a runner with all that sprinting you do in . Happy 1st birthday! First Birthday Greetings for Daughter. Happy Birthday To My First Born Son wishes to make the day more special and child; and here I am, the luckiest woman with such a wonderful first born son. . A Letter To My Daughter On Her Birthday Sharing your first-born place in the family was harder than any of us imagined. Here's to you, my wonderful, fabulous, beautiful daughter! I am proud beyond words to be your mother. Religious Birthday Wishes For Son. Happy 4th Birthday For Dad. You’ll never understand (until maybe you’re a mom) how badly I wanted you. “Happy first Birthday to my sweet, smart, beautiful, amazing baby girl,” the Reality TV star shared. My hope is that Happy Birthday, First Born. Happy May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day, as ours was the day you were born. Be happy, dear! Sweet birthday, too! *** Happy Birthday Blessings to My Daughter. I love you like nobody else ever could and will always have your back. It pleases me no end to say, I wish you another great year. Happy Birthday, North West! "I still can't believe my first born baby is 6," Kim captioned this cuddly selfie with North one week after her daughter's birthday. It is hard to believe that the little girl who begged for a bicycle is now a 17 year old with her own car. ♥ Happy Birthday to a darling little angel. ” – (Muhammad Peace be upon him) Birth Day of Our First Born LOVE Child Today is a very special day, the birthday of our first born love child. And we're all having unique experiences, all the time, which brings me to my first shard of wisdom:. By hugging you happy Happy 1st birthday. Birthday Wishes, Texts, and Quotes for Daughter from Father. Happy 3rd birthday. I love you! Happy Birthday Papa A birthday letter to my girl on her second birthday. I knew what love is the first time I laid my eyes on you my precious daughter. Share the Birthday wishes with your daughter via Text/SMS, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, IM, etc. Happy Birthday my dearest Daughter, Its proud to be a parent of such a great blessing. Funny Birthday Wishes. It's my  Popular poems for celebrating a daughter's birthday. But oh, yes, I’ve learned to listen and she has taught me so much. “Whoever has two daughters and treats them kindly, They will be a protection for him against Fire. So I will protect and care for you as I did with my love. It seemed like 5 would mean I had been in business long enough to legitimately feel like a ‘real’ mom. I wish that all that you have ever dreamt of comes true on your birthday. Happy birthday to the most blessed mother and daughter in the world. Reply to my first born child, I don't know whether to start this letter to you with a thank you or an apology. Thank you for coming into my world. Then on July 18th, 2011 she and Paul welcomed there first son Jackson into their family. unforgettable dream. Happy Birthday for the girl that will still be a young child. Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter! It’s hard to believe that you’re 15 already. Hey, girl! Here's wishing you a birthday as special as you are. Happy Birthday to my favorite princess! Have a royal time today. Dear Daughter, stay beautiful and always stay my little sweet girl. 21. My man. Dad, I hope you have a wonderful birthday! On your son's or daughter's birthday let him or her know what a wonderful difference he or she made to your life. This time, we are declaring a fast so we can wait upon the Lord on your birthday. Thank you for guiding me how to deal with the big stuffs and for teaching me how to get away with small stuffs. First birthday or 100th, blow out the candles and wish a happy birthday with Hallmark birthday gifts, cards and gift wrap. From the day you first came home from the hospital, you ruled our house like a tiny little tyrant. You are the best, birthday wishes from your sweet uncle. Delaney you have always been full of life and generous of spirit. You have taken us as your own and we have done the same too. Letter To My Daughter Daughter Love Daughter Birthday Daughter Quotes Girly Quotes Dearest first born, …Nine years today I became a mother. November 1, 2010 at 8:08 AM "I Remember the day you were born. I said a little prayer that you would have a happy birthday. This girl that loves lollipops and ride bikes with the other kids. Happy birthday to my doll. Happy Birthday to my first born daughter. Despite of the desire to express their feelings, they end up lacking of words. And with each passing year, you continue to blossom  Mar 22, 2019 Happy first birthday, my child. Get the hard things over with first. the fun but first, let me express how blessed I feel for having you as my daughter. com. Your happiness is the mission of my life. — So much to celebrate! Another year for you, and a first year for your newborn! — Celebrate your special day! You’ve earned it and you deserve it! Happy birthday! — Take time to celebrate precious moments like your birthday with your Happy Birthday to My First Grandchild, you are such a treasure to me and you have grown up so fast! In a few years you will be off to college and what an amazing young woman you have become. Birthday Wishes for Daughter; I hope you know how happy I am to call you my daughter. I know you'll make it beautiful. The birthday wishes for daughter you choose from the many birthday quotes for daughter on this website will help you create a unique and personalized birthday card for her. ” 16. Daughter 18th Birthday Wishes Newborn Baby Quotes Mother From Daughter Birthday Quotes Baby Quotes Best Daughter Quotes Poems My Daughter Quotes First Born Son Quotes Sayings Dad And Daughter Happy Birthday. Free shipping on orders $50+. Dearest Kingsley – Happy birthday, sweet girl. If you are looking for nice greeting words, please check out this amazing collection of happy birthday wishes for daughter from mom or dad, lots of birthday messages, sweet bday quotes and beautiful greeting cards. You can buy your son or daughter the best gift ever on his or her birthday and your son or daughter will be so happy with it. Happy birthday to my favorite daughter in the history of ever! You rock! I can’t wait to spend a girls’ day out with you. Soon, we had twins. My love for your is Happy first birthday to the baby girl whom we love so much. As we reach your first birthday, I have that same feeling I get when I step off a wild ride: knees shaking, heart thumping, mind racing, feeling exhilarated and blown away and full of joy and pride all at once. I want to wish you all the happiness in life on this special occasion. You have become much stronger and taller! 33 - Enjoy your birthday with joy and happiness. You should wish her to live her life on its full and enjoy every moment. Wishing you tons of good, sincere birthday wishes. If they are very religious and value their faith so much, they will certainly appreciate the words and sentiments in these unique but heartfelt religious Happy Birthday greetings. Happy Birthday to you! Artist: Shoaff-Ballanger Studios Artist Notes: Surprise your first born or oldest child with this festive birthday card featuring a white rooster ready to party and celebrate. I love you more than anything and more than any words can say. From the deep of my heart I wish you Happy Birthday, my sweet princess. 16 Happy Birthday Grand-daughter, My birthday wish for you, Is that your day is filled with No one can ever replace you in our hearts. You always keep us entertained with you made up words and extraordinary singing skills. An Open Letter to my 10 Year Old Daughter: Happy Birthday! brave, beautiful first baby. The joy of  To my beautiful, creative, spirited, eldest daughter . I remember the day you were born at home in that quaint little  Jul 2, 2017 I want to wish my sweet, loving, caring, silly and unique daughter a big Happy Birthday! My first born daughter is now a teenager! I love this girl  Jun 26, 2017 With these happy 2nd birthday quotes your small child's Bday with be rocking! Your first year is mainly you pooping all over the place. You deserve to be pampered, princess. Then we had our next baby. Mom's Corner Column: A letter to my daughter on her first birthday. Need some good Birthday wishes to send to your daughter, find them right here. When you see one that looks good, just click "Take a Closer Look". May 2, 2019 “Happy Birthday to my bright, beautiful daughter … Karla Souza's first-birthday tribute to her daughter Gianna on April 6 showed the pair . People won’t fuss over you this much when you are two. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Wishes For Daughter In Law Happy 18th birthday to my #1 first born daughter, SGJ 🎂🎉🎈 This pic of me holding your hand in the hospital was taken years ago when you were a child and you were knocked out 😴 from the anesthesia after surgery. Birthday Wishes For Daughter: Having a sweet daughter is the best gift any parent can ever have. Now comes the fun part! We have 23 Happy Birthday, Family Member cards to pick from, and I'll show them to you now. Let your small girl enjoy the last moments of her teens. To the one person who is always by my side: I hope you have a wonderful birthday. We’ve done so much in this first year together, my love. to her before she was born. and yet you gracefully and repetitively Receiving MEANINGFUL happy birthday wishes for daughter will make her feel so special and loved. It features the text "To my dear daughter. the very best in you. redefined after you were born. Happy Birthday to the man I love more than anything. My Darling . Wish I’d thought of all that when my daughter turned 16. I love you dearly. I wish I could slow down time. Happy Birthday to my youngest daughter! You were my first born 20 years ago. 23: Happy Birthday to my beautiful Tyler, meanwhile, shared his own post for Carly. Happiness was found the day you were born. My dear daughter, I am always thinking of you, when I take walks to the park, when I hear your favorite song in the radio, when TV plays your favorite movie, when your bedroom at night is as messy as you left it in the morning. Receiving MEANINGFUL happy birthday wishes for daughter will make her feel so special and loved. They make her totally happy. May all of your wishes and dreams be fulfilled on your special day, as ours was the day you were born. This is a beautiful time for me also because we can celebrate a one more year of your arrival in the world and that was the most wonderful day of my life. You are nothing short of awesomeness. After 21 years you have legal right to do anything to everything you wish without our permission. Make someone smile and brighten up their special day with your genuine, heartfelt wishes. Happy Prematurity : Memories and Birthdays When your baby is born prematurely, birthdays can evoke complex feelings. Don’t forget to invite me. So, happy Cute Birthday Wishes for Daughter. Dear Fern, Today is your second birthday! I can’t believe you’ve already been in our lives for two whole years. Feel free to share your emotions and feelings to your daughter. “I can’t believe Carly is nine years old today and Dad, I do hope that all your dreams come true and I’ll do my best to help you with it. "Happy Birthday to My Darling Lolita Birthdays should be a day when someone gets to feel pampered, loved and spoiled by friends and families. happy birthday to my first born daughter

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